Krupp, F., Abuzinada, A.H. & Nader, I.A. (eds.), A Marine Wildlife Sanctuary for the Arabian Gulf. Environmental research and conservation following the 1991 Gulf War Oil Spill. NCWCD, Riyadh and Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt a.M.

People, resources and conflicts of interest in the Jubail Marine Wildlife Sanctuary

A b s t r a c t: Surveys of commercial and recreational activity within the Sanctuary area were made during two field trips in winter 1992 and spring 1993. The main activities observed were grazing of livestock, hunting and trapping, fishing, and recreational camping and picnicking. In addition, the historical and archaeological interest of this area is noted.
The impact of these various activities is discussed in relation to the management aims of the Sanctuary as a marine and coastal reserve with a terrestrial buffer zone. Activities incompatible with the purpose of the Sanctuary are identified as trapping birds of prey, limestone quarrying, and establishment of permanent settlements. Fishing and recreation do not pose such a clear threat and may be permitted under appropriate controls. Grazing is a complex issue needing regulation. Some means of controlling livestock numbers are discussed and the main recommendation made in this regard is that Bedouin camps should be removed from the area to the east of the oil pipeline.
Some proposals for encouraging public support for conservation are also made; there is a need to explain to the public the purpose of this Sanctuary, and to put it in the context of regional and international conservation efforts.


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