Feltkamp, E. & Krupp, F. (eds.), Establishment of a Marina Habitat and Wildlife Sanctuary for the Gulf Region. Final report of phase II. Jubail, Frankfurt a.M.

Naturally Induced Changes in Oil Spilled in the Vicinity of the Sanctuary

A b s t r a c t: The present condition of the oil at each of ten Permanent Transect Lines was examined for changes since Phase l. Attempts were made to count the total number of bacteria and the number of oil degraders in a selected number of sediment samples. Observations on the oil and adhering bacteria were made using fluorescent microscopy, Experiments showed that oil degraders are present and attacking the oil. Some quantitative measurements of the loss of alkanes were made using gas chromatography. It is clear that the ecology of oil oxidation differs to a degree from that in temper­ate waters in that bioturbation appears to be responsible for the oil penetrating the sediments to a great depth, and that both protozoa and blue-green algae have a role in the removal of the oil from surfaces.