Krupp, F. & Fleming, R. (eds.), Establishment of a Marine Habitat and Wildlife Sanctuary for the Gulf Region. Final report of phase III. Jubail, Frankfurt a.M.

Seasonal Growth of Selected Brown Macroalgae

A b s t r a c t: In January 1995 four transects were established at one of the Sanctuary's permanent study sites on the fringing coral reef that extends along the northern coastline of Abu Ali Island. The abundance and biomass production of selected brown macroalgae were monitored until April 1995. The phaeophytes, Hincksia mitchelliae, Sargassum boveanum and Colpomenia sinuosa were the three most common algae observed. Maximum recorded coverage of these species was 9 (±9.34) %, 18 (±5. 94) %, and 48 (±8.17) % per square metre respectively and biomass (dry weight) for the latter two species was 76.56 (±24.78) and 19.44 (±27.44) grams per square metre respectively. Distribution and limitation by echinoid grazing is discussed.